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AdVisor Chassis Setup software (for some Palm PDA’s).   For road or oval tracks.
Decisions based on tire temperatures and driver comments.   Click to see an active demo.
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Race Car Engineering and Mechanics, 3rd ed
The first/best overview of the topic.  “A classic”
A primer and guide to all the other race engineering books.

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The Unfair Advantage – with Mark Donohue
A uniquely educational race engineering biography.
How he became a legend, and you might do it also.

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Chevrolet – Racing?  14 Years of Raucous Silence
The roots of racing technologies in the sixties.  A recent
reprint of a collector’s classic.  How Chevrolet introduced
downforce, wings, automatics, data acquisition and more.

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AUTO 2010 – The car magazine from the future.
Racing innovations that haven’t been tried yet – and you might.
And passenger car ideas that haven’t been seen yet.

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The Metaphysics of Motorsports (on CD-ROM)
VanValkenburgh’s top 100 editorial columns – all on one CD.
Incredible topics on the human element in racing technology.

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The Metaphysics of Motorsports – 100 Editorials
On the Human Element in Racing Technology
Every UNimaginable topic ... by number / year

4/93  “Formula NONE” – A racing series where there
   would be no technical rules, except for safety.
5/93  The tandem ride-along racer – the original idea
   before they actually did it in F1 and sprint cars.
6/93 Making “F-NONE” work – how to have both
   a spec-car series and a separate free-tech car series.
1/94 Equalizing cylinder performance -- how to
   Find treasures in the fabulous lost-power mine.
2/94 Undone research – driver feedbacks, tire Cf
   Stagnation, and downforce measurement devices.
3/94  The coastdown tunnel – a way to measure aero
  without computerized fluid dynamics or a wind tunnel.
4/94 Protection of racing secrets – from competitors,
   without offending your friends in the media.
5/94 Two races without restrictions – the open-road
   Challenge and the skidpad challenge.
6/94 Personal horsepower in racing – the importance
   Of individual power and control, and who has it.
1/95  Computerized expert systems – analyzing a
   Racing expert and putting it all into a computer.
2/95 Driving race cars to the track – overcoming
   The stigma and the practicality problems.
3/95  How to make a winning racecar – engineer.
   The raw materials, training, traits, experience.
4/95 Lessons from crashes and junkyard hulks.
   Studying the catastrophic collapse of structures.
5/95 Outrageous vehicle stunts in movies –
   and lessons for racing as entertainment.
6/95 A race engineer designs a getaway car.
   And a movie script to use it in.
1/96 How to make a chassis dyno –
   Out of that semi-tractor in your parking lot.
2/96 The FBI’s own stealth getaway racecar --
   And NASCAR’s own inertial chassis dynos.
3/96 Internet racing resources --
   An always out-of-date story.
4/96 Electric and hybrid vehicle design --
   What race car engineering can contribute.
5/96 The “secret of success” in racing –
   Foresight, logistics and teamwork.
6/96 Racing seat safety with foam-in-place –
   And a case of mistaken recognition.
7/96 The spectator appeal of motorsports –
   And Penske’s new Superspeedway.
8/97 One-minute expert answers –
   To common auto/racing questions.
1/97 More on: spectator appeal, Penske’s
   Speedway, racing films, and outrageous stunts.
2/97 The blind pursuit of racing innovation –
   In spite of endless logical opposition.
3/97 Dirt track racing impressions –
   Extreme asymmetry and the need for info.

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Tinnitus science, ringing ears, hearing loss, hyperacusis 

About -- Paul VanValkenburgh:
Interdisciplinary degree in engineering. Master's degree in human behavior. Master's thesis on "A Systematic Analysis of the Behavioral and Social Sciences." Since 1970, published over a million words in over 350 technical and science articles in dozens of enthusiast and science periodicals plus publications such as SAE and Encyclopaedia Britannica, plus five technical books.
Experienced as a draftsman, fabricator, designer, engineer, aerodynamicist, test driver, race driver, programmer, author, columnist, editor, photographer, illustrator, image editor, publisher, and lecturer ....
researching ergonomics, vehicle dynamics, tire dynamics, aerodynamics, chassis, driveline, brakes, ride, and handling ....
of cars, trucks, trailers, buses, motorcycles, snowmobiles, motorhomes, 3-wheelers, electric vehicles, bicycles, human-powered vehicles, race cars, and computer instrumentation ....
for McDonnell-Douglas, General Motors, Systems Technology (a vehicle dynamics think-tank), and Petersen Publishing ....
and consulting to various magazines, vehicle importers, aftermarket suppliers, small vehicle manufacturers, racing teams, tire companies, the CHP, U.S. Department of Transportation, and the U.S. bike and bobsled teams.
Current writing: Regular column in RACECAR ENGINEERING Magazine, plus occasional tech pieces for ROAD & TRACK, CORVETTE FEVER, GRASSROOTS RACING, and DRAG RACER.
Currently semi-retired to do independent research and brainmapping in neurological disorders such as migraine and tinnitus, and developing an electronic self-help system called AdVisor, for PDA’s and iPods.