"Track AdVisor" Palm-based Software for Paved Oval or Road Racing


NEW CONCEPT! Computerized trackside setup advice. For a demo of the oval track version, click on "ADVISOR."

What it does - (after basic shop setup to factory suggestions) Just like an expert track engineer, it first accepts tire temps. It analyses them, then it makes specific recommendations, about what chassis setup factors to change -- and how much, in the case of tire pressures, camber, and wheel weights.

Then it takes driver comments such as "tight or loose", "in or out", and compares them all to the tire temperatures (and disagreements), and makes more recommendations about shocks, Panhard bar, anti-roll bar, brake balance, weight distribution, spring rates, toe-in, geometry, aerodynamics, and driver technique.

Finally, it gives an explanation why it should work (and why maybe not), plus tradeoffs, and more references.

How it works -- The logic is based on an in-depth analysis of which adjustments are most effective for each combination of problems in each part of each turn.

The advice is based on typical responses from highly experienced, pro racing setup engineers -- except that it's faster, and it never forgets or overlooks any important considerations.

What it means -- You can level the playing field at your end. See how to make your car as good as the best in your class. Have your own dedicated personal expert advisor in your pocket, for less than one day's consulting fee. For less than a set of tires, learn how to get every fraction of a second out of those tires.  

No computer experience needed, no manual to study. Self-prompting, all touch-screen operation. Comes with hundreds of advice "screens" for an inexpensive conventional Palm OS computer,
Of course, you also have all the standard Palm functions: calendar, addresses, do list, records, and calculator.  

The standard version takes only manually-input temperatures from your own pyrometer.
The Pro version can take a plug-in pyrometer module, and store hundreds of pressures and temperatures, by date.

NOTE: AdVisors are available either for enclosed cars on paved ovals, or open-wheel or closed cars for road courses or autocross.

For more information, contact pvanvalken@aol.com