"Track AdVisor" Palm-based Software for Paved Oval Racing

This is the main "AdVisor" touch screen menu.
You can make selections one-handed with your thumb or a fingernail, but
using the stylus from the Palm is more efficient. (Use your mouse for this demo.)

"CONFIG/NOTES/TIPS" is a submenu of many pages of general car setup and engineering advice, highly condensed into short reminder phrases. See next menu.

"INPUT TIRE TEMPS" is the best setup starting point, either using old data for practice, or with realtime data transferred from your pyrometer. Try it.

"CORNERING DIAGNOSTICS" gets you into a vast tree of possible setup problems, based on driver comments. One possible example path is given.

This demonstration goes through just 12 of over 250 possible screens.









For more information, contact pvanvalken@aol.com